Bilingual Education

The year 2021 marked the start of our two bilingual classes, te reo Māori and Le gagana Samoa. Our parent community thought carefully about the names for our classes and landed with the following:

  • Te Whānau o Hato Renata - In English this translates to The family of St. Leonards.

  • Tautua Mo Le Lumana'l Manuia - In English this translates to Service for a Successful Future.

Offering bilingual classes was an outcome of community consultation in 2019 that showed overwhelming support. It also meets our strategic aim to ensure we provide sustainable bilingual pathways across our Kāhui Ako. This is an exciting journey that our staff have embraced and our community welcomed.

Our aim is to partner with families to design education opportunities together with teachers, leaders and educational professionals so that whānau aspirations for their children are met.

Research tells us that when first language is strong, it makes learning English more successful. From this foundation, bilingualism and bi-literacy can flourish and grow at our school, not only in our bilingual classrooms but across our school as we use the cultural richness of first language to support our children's learning in all classrooms!

O le gagana e la'ei ai le aganu'u
Language characterises the essence of culture

If you are wanting to enrol your child/children in our bilingual classrooms, please contact the school office to book an appointment with us through the school office.