New Enrolments

At St. Leonards Road School, we like to meet with all families before enrolling a child.  At this meeting we take the opportunity to get to know you as a family and to learn about your child.  We like to find out their strengths, interests and areas we can support them in.  

This first meeting is an important foundation to ensure that your child has the best possible experience when they start school with us. 

Meetings can be arranged by phoning the school office on  (09) 818 7717 or emailing admin@stleonards.school.nz

When you come to your appointment, you will need to bring your child's New Zealand Birth Certificate or New Zealand Passport and any immunisation records you have. 

If your child was not born in New Zealand, we will require evidence of their student visa or residency status in NZ.  As caregivers, we also require evidence of your immigration status in NZ.

Special Character School: Bilingual Enrolments

We offer bilingual classes in Te Reo Māori and Le Gagana Samoa from Year 0/1 to Year 6.  This has secured a bilingual pathway across our Kāhui Ako from pre-school to Intermediate and high school.  We welcome new enrolments to these classes and invite you to view the attached information.  To find out more please phone (09) 818 7717.  We welcome your visits.  

St Leonards Road School Enrolment Scheme Written Description - updated Oct 2022.pdf
St Leonards- Special Programme approval letter Oct 2022.pdf

School Enrolment Zone

Due to its popularity, St Leonards Road School has an enrolment scheme in place implemented at the request of the Ministry of Education. School zone boundaries (as per enrolment zone map) are Archibald Road, Great North Road and Hepburn Road.  Students living within our school zone are automatically accepted at St Leonards Road School.  Students living out of our home zone will need to apply for an out of zone enrolment.  Applications for the out of zone enrolment ballot must be received by the 1st of October, in anticipation of student enrolment for the following year.  Applications from out of zone students will be processed in priority order and details of this are contained in the enrolment scheme, available at the school office.

If the number of out of zone applications exceeds the number of places available, students will be selected by ballot.

This can be done by contacting the school office and filling out the required application form.

Please see the map below to check if you are in or out of zone.

School Uniform:

St Leonards Road School has a school uniform, below is the link to NZ Uniforms, where you can purchase our school uniform.

NZ Uniforms