Learning Support

Children do not learn in a linear uniform way. Sometimes students pick things up quickly, other times they need to explore the learning in different ways before they can make sense of it, and at other times they will require a high degree of support to grasp a new concept. No two children are ever alike when it comes to learning. We are committed to ensuring that every child has access to the learning support that they need in order to make progress. At St. Leonards Road School we currently use the following support programmes:

  • letter ID and sight word recognition with a teacher aide
  • Reading Recovery with a qualified teacher for identified 6 year olds
  • Speedy Bee, a mini Reading Recovery programme that is carried out by a teacher aide
  • StepsWeb Reading
  • Rainbow Reading
  • Reading Eggs for all Kakao Whanau students and identified target students
  • teacher aide support programmes in class, working with individuals and small groups to support the classroom learning programme

Our Special Education Needs Co-ordinator is Mrs Jenny Ridling who is supported by Mrs Lynda Woodhead, our Learning Support Coordinator.